Thursday, November 27, 2008

{news & mine}

I will be out the "office" for the next few days and will return any e-mails or inquiries on Sunday. For all my American visitors, Happy Thanksgiving!! I am off to take advantage of their amazing Black Friday Sales! Although our dollar is not as great as it was this summer!

And since I have to post a picture, it is a photography blog after all..
But first, the back story...
My youngest,"I" has beautiful curly hair. I love it! Well her, not so much! One night while I was lying down with her before bed she said, in her saddest, most pitiful voice, "Mama, (yes I'm a mama, not mommy, not mom, but mama!) I want to have straight hair like everyone else in my family."
Just about broke my heart. So, of course I had to pull out my straightener the next day to give her straight hair.
She looks so much older this way, that I said I would never do it again!! But I'm sure I will, she loved it so much!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

{late sneak peek!}

Here's a long overdue sneak peek!
I'm a bit behind on pretty much everything these days!
I'm up to my eyeballs in editing and card design. So if you are waiting for anything, galleries, cards, orders... thank you so much for being patient!!
I will get to everyone as quickly as I can!!

On to the peek!!
You can imagine my glee when I poked my head into the car and spotted this cutie!!
I love deep brown eyes!!! And this boy sure has 'em!

Sorry for the wait "A", it'll be worth it!!!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

{perception vs. reality...a sneak peek}

Now, the perception in this first picture would probably be; beautiful couple, in love (they are having a baby!) dotting husband whispering sweet nothings in his glowing wife's ear. The expression on her face might say, "that's my man"...


While the first part is all true, the sweet nothings?? Probably went something like this...."Is this almost over?? Do I really have to be in these pictures? You know I hate getting pictures taken, right??"

I know her expression really says, "Do you SEE what I have to put up with??"

Sorry "A & T" just had to tease you a bit!! They were great and although "T" really doesn't like to get his picture taken, he did everything I asked him too with a smile. Just you wait, "T", until the newborn shoot!

"A" has been on bed rest for weeks now, as she'd been having preterm labour and delivered her first baby 10 weeks early! So we kept it real and hung out in the bedroom, where her an "M" spend lots of their day.

Little "M" is almost 3 now and is waiting for her new baby...

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

{what is the matter with me??}

2 posts in one day??
Don't I have anything better to do?
Yes, actually, I have editing to do, orders to place, orders to package, storyboards to design, dishes to do, floors to wash and don't even get me started on the laundry!
But I had to come give you the heads up about some changes going on in the new year!

#1: Session fees are going up. In the new year, session fees will be $100-$150 depending on the type of session you choose.
Types of sessions are: Simple session, Newborn & Maternity session, Senior(graduate) session, Storybook session, family session.
#2: I will be offering digital files and digital collections!
#3: New and cool products to go with collections!

I will post more about the collections and details about digital files and products, but I am still working on it and what to have all my T's crossed before I give out too much information!

I haven't posted alot of images lately so here are a few of my kiddos playing in the first snowfall!

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{workin' woman wednesday}

Next up is Connie Torossi, owner of Wishes and Dreams Travel Company!

I've know Connie since a month before "I" was born and a month after her youngest was born, through Y-neighbours. Sadly, I don't get to see her very often anymore since I stopped going, but we did meet up a few weeks ago for a photoshoot.

But, here, I'll let Connie tell you all about herself and her brand new business!

Name: Constance Torossi
AKA: Connie, Bonnie(apparently people with hearing problems), Constantinople (haven't been called that in years)
Hails from: Born in New Brunswick, Dad was in the Forces, lived in Germany and Shilo (for grades one through twelve) Brandon (for nursing school), Pine Falls, Dauphin, Dawson Creek, BC, New Westminister, BC, and finally made it to Winnipeg.
Name of your business: Wishes and Dreams Travel Company
When was your business born? I believe I'm still gestating! No, just kidding, September of this year I took the plunge!
Why did you start your business? What inspires you? I am a nurse that works in the emergency department. I have been nursing for 23 yrs! Boy it seems I should be older;) Nursing doesn't bring me the joy it used to. I love all things Disney. From our days of watching the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights to my first trip to Walt Disney World with my husband, I have had the Disney bug. Walt Disney World is a huge place, bigger than the island of Manhattan. If you don't go with a plan you will waste precious time you could be spending making the most of your vacation. I want to help people have the best time at the happiest place on earth. Alot of people told me I should start a Disney planning business because I am obsessed (their word, not mine) (Carol here: just have to interupt to say, VERY OBSESSED!!) with Disney. I am inspired by my 2 beautiful children and wonderful husband. They help me see what is really important in this life.

What does you business offer? I will book your Disney vacation just like any travel agent would. Just a little tip, if you book with me or directly with Disney, the price is the same. I will book any kind of Disney vacation, that includes Walt Disney World(R)
Disney Cruise Line(R) or Adventures by Disney.
I will book all your accomadations and a car if you need. I will also continue to look for deals for you even after you've booked (sometimes Disney puts out special deals and they can sometimes be used on already booked packages if they are booked at Disney) For an additional consulting fee I will help you plan your time at the parks and give you tips to help make your time there more enjoyable. Let's face it , Disney can be the once in a lifetime trip for some people and I want you to have the best time while you're there. Disney has become so popular and more affordable over the past few years that it's so busy you can't just show up and say "what should we do today?" Well you could, but you wouldn't have as much fun.
Where do you see your business in the future? I want to be able to provide quality vacation experiences for everyone wanting to experience the Disney magic. I'm not quite sure where that will take me yet.
How do you balance work/family? Hmmm, good question, I don't think I do that so well just yet. I have to carve out time for the family daily.

Now for a few "fun" questions...

Skills: I can decorate cakes and sew a bit.
Challenges: Finding enough time in the day to do all I want. Making and taking time for me.
Chips or chocolate? That's a tough one, there's nothing like salt with chocolate:) It changes daily but today chips would win out. Thanks Carol, I don't have any in the house!
Secret weapon: Praise, you get more from your children if you over do the praise for any good behavior or accomplishment than scolding for bad behavior. Don't get me wrong, I dole out plenty of time out and loss of priveliges.
Enemies/pet peeves: Stupid, rude people who yell at my children.
Can't live without: my husband and children, my computer for my disboard addiction
Heroes: People who rise above adversity with a smile and make it look easy.
Little known fact: I answered all these questions in Pooh font. It's an illness I tell you;)

Sorry Connie! Blogger doesn't have Pooh font!!

Here's Connie and her beautiful girls!
Wishes and Dreams Travel Company's website isn't up and running yet, but when it is I will add it to list on the right. For now, Connie can be reached at

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

{workin' woman wednesday}

Here's my first "real" installment of workin woman wednesday!

How many of you knew the first person interviewed here would be Lee-Ann from Paper Raisins?? Of course she's the first!!

I met Lee-Ann a year ago at the St.Norbert Y-Neighbour Used Toy and Clothing Sale. My friend knew her MIL and introduced me to her. She had the cutest clothing for sale, and the most beautiful hand-knitted hats and baby outfits. I particularly remember a tiny baby sweater in the softest of yarn, not white or pink or blue, but black! It was gorgeous!!

I told her I was a photographer just starting out and if she ever wanted to have pictures taken of her wares she should call me. She did (call) and we did (take pictures) and the rest is history!

Meet Lee-Ann!

Name: Lee-Ann Graham Hollar

AKA: Miss Mommy (as my daughter likes to call me) and several otherchildhood nicknames that some still use but I'd like to forget :)

Hails from: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Name of your business: Paper Raisins

When was your business born? It's been a work in progress for years but I officially launched my website in August 2008.

Why did you start your business? What inspires you? I've had a passion for creating things since I was a child. I enjoy making unique baby gifts, inunexpected textures and colors. I began to get "orders" from workmates,which got me thinking - maybe I can do something more with this. As for inspiration - my daughter has to be the number one. She has an amazing capacity for love, understanding, and maturity despite her age; also her bright cheerfulness can't help but inspire me!

What does you business offer? I offer unique hand-knit and hand-crocheted items. Lots of hats! I LOVE hats ...mostly for children with a couple grown-up items thrown into the mix.

Where do you see your business in the future? I'm working to expand my products line. There are so many great styles that I can't wait to explore. I'd like to expand my product line to include custom tailored garments. I enjoy designing children's occasion wear and have designed and produced some really unique garments in luxurious fabrics - that's something I'd like to do more of.

How do you balance work/family? Honestly, it's hard. I work a full-timeday job; have a 3 ½ year old daughter and a husband who's not well. So it is a lot to juggle. People tend to think that I must have a lot of freetime, which is definitely not the case. My Paper Raisins work can and does travel with me, to work during the day, to my in-laws, if I'm waiting in the car I'm usually working on a project, and in the evenings I have a hook in hand. A pair of extra arms would be great!!

Now for a few "fun" questions...

Skills: knitting, knitting socks (which are far too labour intensive forme to sell), crocheting, sewing, beading, making curried chicken, Frenchbraiding Barbie hair (come on, you know how small those heads are!!!),writing (I love to write - wrote a book for my daughter)!

Challenges: Feeling confident - I second-guess myself. Balancing all ofthe things that I'm passionate about, especially my other hobbies.

Chips or chocolate? No slurpee category...? I guess I'll go chocolate... do I really have to choose?

Secret weapon: it wouldn't be a secret anymore if I told you would it?

Enemies/pet peeves: Bad customer service, people who lack a strong workethic.

Can't live without: Yarn...lots and lots of yarn... my family... maybe that should have come before the yarn... hee hee... oops!! Oh and especially Pyper... I'm constantly calling her over because "I need your head, come try this on", poor kid!

Heroes: Strong women

Little known facts: I used to plastic weld (my family had a business) andI have a framed collection of pencil sketches of people that I did in high-school, I have another book idea that I'd really like to work on someday... when I have spare time...

Anything else we should know? I like to talk... but I'm sure you could tell that from the answers to my questions!!!

Here's a picture of Lee-Ann and her cutie patootie daughter at our Paper Raisin photoshoot. Check out Lee-Ann's blog and see little "P's" first crocheted project! (she's only 3!!!!)

Thanks, Lee-Ann!

On a totally different note, I follow a blog called Blogs of Photogs. It has links to some AMAZING photographers and if you like looking at pictures you should check this one out! In her latest post Mary has profiled Connie from Barefoot Photo. Her blog is beautiful, but it also links Connie's husbands blog, Dut Duts and Gonuts. This blog is HILARIOUS!!!! Laugh out loud funny, literally. My youngest "I" asked me what I was laughing at when I was reading it this morning!! Go check it out right now, I'll wait........................................................................................

Was I right?????

Thanks for looking!


ETA: Sorry for the misspelling of Shane's blog title!! Apparently it's GONUTS, not, GONADS!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

{boy oh boy}

For some reason I have gotten ALOT of newborn baby boys this year!
Of all the newborn shoots I've done I have only done 1 girl!
Don't get me wrong! I love boys too, but I'd love me some pink!!!
For now here's a bit more blue!!

This little guy was a bit older than I usually do newborns and we weren't sure if we'd be able to get many curled up, sleeping images. He sure proved us wrong!
He was so great! He slept for a long while and let me put him in a few great poses! He didn't like some of my wraps though:(
Lee-Ann from Paper Raisins knit me a couple of new items and I was hoping to get some pics of them with this session, but baby "C" just wasn't "into" them, heehee!
Enjoy your sneak peek "N" family! I'll be in touch when the rest of the gallery is ready!

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

{brown eyed girl}

I'm finally undigging myself from the holiday session rush! And holiday card orders are starting to come in!
Just a reminder if you would like holiday cards, the deadline for press printed cards is Tuesday November 18th. These take up to 2 weeks to come in so they need a bit more time. For the photopaper cards the last day to order is Tuesday Dec.2nd and they should be to you by that weekend.
I also have gift certificates available for anyone wanting to give the gift of portraits this Christmas!

On to the sneak peek!
This little peanut is not a stranger to me or my camera! This family was one of the first clients I ever photographed, and was pumped to see them again! Little "J" was pretty serious the first 2 times we met but this weekend she was all smiles!! I love her eyes, they are so brown and just sparkle!
As I write this post there is sleet hitting the window and a weather warning in effect. Hard to believe these pictures were taken just 5 days ago. This was probably the last nice day of the year.

Your gallery will be ready this weekend!

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

{workin' woman wednesday...and a sneak peek}

Owning your own business is hard. It's also fun and exciting and rewarding, but hard. You need all the help you can get. And that includes from other business owners. We can help each other so much!! And I want to help you! So I'm starting a regular feature called Workin' Woman Wednesday. If you are a business owner in Winnipeg/Manitoba and have a product or service that would benefit or be of interest to children or families, I would love to profile you here!
My intent is to interview a woman owned business once a week about their businesses and have a link to their site on the right. Now we all know about good intentions, right?? I may(will) miss here and there, but will try to be consistent!!

Interested?? Here's what you need to do...
E-mail me and I'll send you the interview questions.
Send me a picture of yourself...don't have one?? Well I happened to be a photographer ;) and if I have enough interest will plan a mini session (free of charge!!) in December to capture some great pics of you!
Then, when it's your turn, your intereview will be posted!

To start, I'm going to go first!

Name:Carol Swaitkewich
AKA:mmmm, nothing! I've never had a nickname! My neighbours tried to give me one a few weeks ago, but, let's just say it didn't stick!
Hails from: right here in Winnipeg, Man. I did live in B.C. for a few years as a child, and now live in LaSalle, Man.
Name of your business: Freckle Face Photography
When was your business born? October 2007 I did my first "real" shoot, my website went live January 2008.
Why did you start your business? What inspires you? I consider myself a creative person and had been looking for something I could do once my children were in school that was creative. For some reason photography didn't occur to be as a business idea until fairly recently, even though I have always been "into" photography. My children of course are a huge inspiration to me and my business. When you capture an image of a child that gives the parents goosebumps, you know you have found your calling. I've had many jobs but had never felt like it was what I was supposed to do. I feel pretty lucky because I know not everyone finds that.
What does you business offer? Quality, custom portraiture of your children and family. Capturing real life, freckles and all!

Where do you see your business in the future? Doing exactly what I do right now! But maybe a litle more efficiently! Let's just say I'm not the most organized girl around! I also plan on expanding my product line over the next little while to offer cool stuff to my clients! I would really love to have a natural light studio one day! That's in the 5 year plan!!

How do you balance work/family? This is a trick question!! I don't have a good answer which is why I'm asking it!! I need help in this area!! How do you do it???

Now for a few "fun" questions...

Skills: Getting 3 children ready for school and out the door in the morning in 1/2 an hour.
Challenges: Doing above skill without yelling,lol!

Chips or chocolate? I have to pick one?????

Secret weapon: Mini M&M's. A toddler will do anything for those!

Enemies/pet peeves: People who cel phone and drive, people who do dumb things to get on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Can't live without: My family, caffeine, my camera and the internet.

Heroes: All Moms,especially mine, (hi mom!!) my hubby (even though he never reads my blog, phfftttt!!!!)

Little known fact: I'll have to get back to you on that one... I'm not really that interesting!!

There you have it!! These will be the questions you have to answer.
Now for the picture! I'm also including a image of me and my hubby.He wouldn't like this but because he never reads this he'll never know!! We don't have anything but snapshots of us, usually he's taking the picture of us with one hand, since we were married. Definitely something we should do on a regular basis. Thanks Rosie for taking them!

Now for the sneak peek! it was SO cold the morning of this shoot but this little peanut was awesome!! She was super busy and after just learning to walk couldn't be slowed down! Your gallery will be ready soon "H" family! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Thanks for looking!