Monday, March 31, 2008

{all boy}

Here's a sneak peek for my latest "neighbour shoot". I love taking pictures of the kids on my street. They are usually more comfortable with me because they already know me a little. This little boy was so fun to photograph! He took direction so well and, really, he looks cute no matter what he's doing! Are those not the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen????? There are so many AMAZING pics to pick from. I had a hard time choosing for this post. It's not a bad problem to have!!
This first one was the first photo I took and it's one of my favs!

Can't wait to finish them! "L" I'll let you know when they're done!!

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

{lil' peanut}

This is the second time I get to visit with this lil' peanut and she's not much bigger than when I saw her last, lol! She's 8 months old now and such a cutie!! I am loving these pictures and mom is going to have a hard time picking. I know I did!! Here's a few but it won't be long until you're gallery is ready "C". I'm lovin' proofing them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

{just because}

No reason for this post I just wanted to share the images of my girls I edited today. I never want to forget why I started doing this and that is for these beautiful faces. So whenever I'm busy editing client sessions I take a break to edit for me, and for them.

Having this one printed for home! Love the look they are all giving me.

Sorry for the sloppy cropping, I'm trying to finish this before bedtime so I'm in a hurry!!

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

{family time}

This will be my last post until after the Easter weekend. We are off for a little R&R. Hope you all enjoy some family time this weekend!

Here's a sneak peek for a fun family I photographed last weekend. Little "S" was all smiles and I think they have a future photographer on their hands!! "I" didn't want to put down the camera he even wanted to get up on chairs like I was doing! Sorry Mom and Dad! Didn't mean to set a bad example,lol!!

Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

{sneak peek}

Here's a sneak peek for "D&S". Mom "S" wanted photos of her and her daughter as a birthday gift from her husband. Great idea!! How many moms out there are the picture takers and are never IN the photographs!
We spent the morning trying to convince little "D" that she really DID want to get her picture taken. Alas, she didn't agree with us, but we did manage to get some keepers!!

I LOVE baby toes!!!Your gallery will be ready in the next couple of days "S".

Thanks for looking!


Friday, March 14, 2008

{more cuties)

I'm sure, I have the BEST job!!! I had so much fun with this family on the weekend. They were so relaxed and friendly. Little "S" was a BLAST! And she was FAST!! (are you seeing a theme!) She was a total ham and loved making me work for the shot! She also LOVES her baby brother. Who could blame her!! Look at those amazing blue eyes!!

Thanks "R" family for the great afternoon, and thanks "S" for the snowball fight! I'll let you know when you gallery is ready. For now enjoy the sneek peek!

Thanks for looking!!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

{cutie pie}

I've had a few 18 month olds lately and this cutie pie was one of them.
She wasn't too sure of me and I would love to say she warmed up to me, but that wouldn't be true, LOL!! I got a lot of looks that said, "who are you and why are you taking my picture..." She was fast but I was faster and managed to get some great pictures. I know mom "L" is waiting to see this because I'm sure she doesn't think we got anything good. Well here you go "L", there lots more where these came from. I'll let you know when the rest are done!

I love this next shot. It's so typical of children at this age. She wanted to put her shoe on all by herself even though it didn't fit!!

Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

{more babies on the way!}

I had a crazy busy weekend doing shoots. I will have LOTS to post this week as I wade through the sea of images!!
I met this great couple, who are expecting their first baby, on Saturday. "S" called me on Tuesday thinking she would be too late for maternity pictures as she is due any day. I had time for her on Saturday and the baby decided to let her get them taken!! S&S were so easy going and up for any of my ideas! He even got into it and was coming up with ideas of his own! LOVE that!

Here's a sneak peek for the "parents to be"! Can't wait to meet the new babe!

Thanks for the fun morning!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

{oh baby!}

C&C are waiting anxiously for their first baby. This bundle 'o joy is due in 7 weeks so you'll have to sit tight for the newborn pics. Here's a few belly pics to tide you over!
I had so many great images to choose from for this sneek peek, but these are a few of my favs...

I absolutely LOVE these next 2 ...they're going on the website for sure!!

Thanks for the fun afternoon C&C! I'll be in touch!